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Health, being a qualitative characteristic of the individual, contributes to the achievement of many other needs and goals. It is revealed that the value of health as a means to achieve other life goals for respondents is more important than the value of health as a means to live the longest and fullest at all stages of life. These two characteristics of health as a social value conflict with each other. Of course, the contradiction between the achievement of material well-being and the need to be healthy is solvable on the way to improve the objective conditions of life of people. But no less important are their own attitudes and stereotypes in relation to Buy Vardenafil their health as a permanent value. Attitude towards health is conditioned by objective circumstances, including upbringing and training. It manifests itself in the actions and deeds, opinions and judgments of people regarding the factors affecting their physical and mental well-being. Differentiating the attitude to health to an adequate (reasonable) and inadequate (careless), we thereby conditionally distinguish two diametrically opposite types of human behavior in relation to factors contributing to or threatening human health.

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In accordance with this, it makes sense to distinguish two types of orientation (relations) to health. The first is that in health protection it is primarily focused on the efforts of the person himself, or conditionally on himself. The second - mostly outside, when the efforts of the person play a secondary role. Is there a generic drug for Levitra? The first type includes, mainly, persons with a good self-esteem of health; they are predominantly interiors, which are characterized by a tendency to attribute responsibility for the result of their activities to their own efforts and abilities. The second type includes the action principle of Levitra reviews persons with a poor and satisfactory self-esteem of health, externals attributing responsibility for the results of their activities to external forces and circumstances. Consequently, Levitra administration the nature of a person's health care is related to his personal qualities. It follows that the education of an adequate attitude to health is inextricably linked with the formation of the personality as a whole and implies differences in the content, means and methods of targeted influences. Use our online consultation to obtain a prescription and erectile dysfunction treatment.

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The data obtained give rise to a judgment about the existence of a contradiction between the absolute value of the general provisions of a Levitra and the specific values of its maintenance, including professional health. Their resolution is one of the leading tasks in the biosocial development of people. When taking Levitra considering the ratios of general and physical culture of people, the respondents' answers to the question whether a person who does not care about his physical condition can be considered a cultured person are difficult to determine their position. Thus, less than half of people have certain ideas about the close relationship of general and physical culture in their personal development and in accordance with this make behavioral decisions. The path to general cultural development, and consequently, Levitra helps to health begins with the mastery of knowledge. They are ahead of practice, indicate the way of its transformation, turn knowledge into elements of consciousness, expanding and transforming them into convictions. And convictions are built not so much on the logical nature of knowledge, but on their practical sense. Analysis of the information Levitra cost takes a leading position obtained testifies to the mosaic structure of the knowledge of people lack of orderliness and interrelation. Existing knowledge does not have the necessary functional character for use in everyday life, and people lack the necessary information and knowledge for their replenishment and expansion.